I got her hooooooked!
First day back at school. I was glad to see familiar faces but I wasn’t so glad that I had to wake up that early. I was tired. But lunch and nutrition were fun at the spot that’s one thing that I did miss having them to make me laugh so much. “Why don’t you kiss me like he kisses her?!?!?” I crack myself up! I got home and no Junior so I took a nap, woke up and watched new Pretty Little Liars. I hit my face with a book and Gaby laughed and said FACEBOOK which made me laugh too. LOL it hurt though. And all the comments on a bad quality picture of this picture. It was funny but oh gosh he’s too much. Man whore go away!
Blurry bad lighting picture. Spent my day with my grandpa and Patty. Then with my Tia Ana, Nano, Grandma, Lesley, and my tia Mireya since grandma’s sick and on medication. It was a good day to spend my last day of break. With family I love being with them all and the fact that I saw my grandma and my love in the same day it was fun. I mean granma’s sick and I hope she gets better. But I finally got my late christmas present which was make up! 
It was hot, in Winter so I chose to wear this dress. I didn’t actually do much just went to Target and I guess that was it. But I looked nice(: